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Excellent tips for wearing flower lapel pins

In many circumstances, you always admire to look elegant and charming and to achieve that you need a distinct flower by your side and that is a lapel flower. During an event or a party, you need to have a distinguishing look which everyone will admire, but that is not possible if you don’t have a lapel flower since it was made for that purpose over the years. The super dipper feeling is so great that will force you to acquire something that you will satisfy your desires, and one of the things you need to have is a lapel flower. Since it portrayers a special message to the people they are used in a few times in life. Despite the key reasons lapel flowers have; a challenge comes on wearing it appropriately. The following are important factors one needs to know when wearing a flower lapel pin.

Size is the ultimate factor of consideration that you should not ignore. To get the best one that will fit your suit is a demanding task. Therefore before you think of choosing a flower lapel to ensure you measure them correctly to avoid wearing something that will make you look clownish. This is important because they come in different sizes the small, medium and large sizes hence you need to choose wisely. Make sure you are not wearing something that will embarrass you and if you are not used to it, or you are doing for the first time it would be best if you choose the small ones.

The positioning of the lapel pin is anther that matters, and it is advisable to use the left side. This is a rule and it will best if you follow since you don’t need to look frustrated. It is best to ensure the suit is compatible with the size of the pin. Alternative if it was not made perfectively you can ask the tailor to repair it since you don’t want to make any mistake. The fabric wall is very delicate hence ensure it does not go through it when wearing.

The time that you need to wear a lapel pin should be considered. Because it represents something special you need to use them correctly. However, you can decide to wear it on any day provided as per your wish, and nobody will question you.

The application is something key since there are a lot of mistakes in can make. Make sure the pin is very strong and doesn’t move while you are walking or dancing. Make sure the pin is not visible from the outside, and the fabric material is protected.

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