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What You Should to Know about Drop Knee Bodyboarding.

If you want to have a great moment during wave riding drop knee bodyboarding would be a perfect option. If it is done perfectly, the way you drop in the wave will be smooth and stylish. You will then be set up to maneuver in various ways. Recently, the drop-knee bodyboarding concept has been developing. The good thing is that you can enjoy drop knee body boarding using a bodyboard or surfboard.

Even if you are new to drop-knee, you can still learn to do it perfectly. With the help of several tips, drop-knee bodyboarding can be done perfectly. What is important to note is that drop knee is all about balance. Unlike other wave riding options, drop-knee among the challenging options. It can become very hard if you want it to appear natural and stylish.

For starters, they should begin by purchasing a larger bodyboard. Again, ensure your board has perfect buoyancy control and small fins that will help you with gliding around the waves. You also need to start with small waves and then move to medium waves with a wide-open section to allow you to ride. Upon attaining full speed, grab the rails of the bodyboard.

It is upon getting a good grip of your bodyboard rails that you should start moving your knees slowly to the center. However, ensure that your legs are still in a wide stance position Your fin or back foot should be off the bodyboard as the front foot stay close to the nose of your board. Steady yourself while slowly bring your upper body from your board and ensure that your weight is distributed equally on the board as you get into a drop-knee position.

Upon attaining your balance down, you can then release your board’s rails. It is also important that you maintain steady weight as you control the board and ride on the wave. Failure to maintain a steady weight might cause to fall in the wave. Another way to help you with drop-knee bodyboarding is ensuring that the nose of the board remains as flat as possible so that it becomes easier to move forward. Because of this, you will not easily flip back to the wave.

On the other hand, speed is essential for drop-knee bodyboarding. To attain the right momentum, therefore, you must keep paddling so that you can stabilize your bodyboard. Picking a wide wave will be important for the stunt.

Drop-knee bodyboarding will also require that you put on the appropriate stuff. Depending on the current, the suit you wear should not make it difficult to move. In case your bodyboarding suit that flops as you ride on the wave, it can cause a drag that will slow you down.

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