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Ways to Prevent Account Takeover

Account takeover is becoming a very common thing in most countries. Most people complain that their credential have fallen into the wrong hands or third parties. Their information is then used by the criminals to commit theft and fraud. Once the information has been stolen, it is sold to another set of underground criminals. The saddest part is that account takeover takes place very quickly and rapidly and they have an ability to cause a damage that can last for very many years. This article highlights some of the methods that can be used to ensure that account takeover has been prevented.

Account takeover is an activity that has various phases. In the first phase, the criminals find a breach in various websites, something that allows them to have access to important passwords and information. They do this so that they can have access to the database of the person using the website. These breaches allows the thieves to have access to important passwords and sensitive information such as the users’ dates of birth and gender. Target attacks are then launched in the second phase. At this time, the credentials are considered to be high-value assets. However, the criminals will not use the information immediately, but will wait for the right time to use it.

After stealing the data, the criminals will then find themselves trusted advisors whose work is to help them decrypt the passwords. It has now been established that these criminals mainly target high profile individuals. They use these details to extract money from them through blackmails and extortion. Phase three involves selling the stolen information to criminals who are less sophisticated. The stolen information is now considered to be a commodity at this point.

Stuffing of these credentials then follows. This is a process that involves trying to access other websites using the gathered information and passwords. They will then scale up their attack using other tools such as automated botnets. It is obvious that most thieves are completely aware that most people use the same passwords on different accounts and this makes their work even easier. They will ensure that the information has been exposed to the public. Fortunately, there are various methods that can be used to ensure that this has been prevented.

The best way for someone to ensure that account takeover has been prevented is by ensuring that fraud has been prevented in the first place. This may be achieved through preventing the employees from using some of the passwords that were previously compromised. The passwords should not be obvious and easy to guess. Ensure that you have intervened immediately you have noticed that your count is under attack. To wrap it up, ensure that the passwords and your information do not reach the hands of the underground criminals.

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